Hasan Albordaini Complex


There is a new concept for structuring in this area ,with new investment projects of building palaces, villas and luxurious shopping centers, hospitals and VIP residences and offices.

Because Hasan Albordaini Complex is a new brand  give value social status to the concept of living, and considers the existing door for profit to owners and investors.

The project is located near the Dallah Circler, includes luxurious offices and perfect for those looking for luxury, being reflective quality of the materials used with the latest technology and bring out the beauty in interior design.

Hasan Albordaini Complex includes 60 fully finished Office. Each Office is equipped with a bathroom and an open kitchen and  the office spaces range between 23 and 72 square meters and the offices can unite to get more space.

The complex includes 12 outdoor and 14 indoor shops, as markets and banks to meet all your daily needs.

And the complex has indoor parking for cars up to 44 car besides external position in front of the stores.

The features of Hasan Albordaini Complex project as a valuable investment projects, it delivers benefits through income rental ,because the area lies within a convenient location for short and long term rent, This is considered a leading indicator of the value of the project.

Hasan Albordaini Complex provides wide options regarding the transportation and shopping,

Queen Alia International Airport is located just 26 km,

Shopping centres such as Taj Mahal Mall, City Mall, Abdoun and other centres is Only 9 km distance.

For further information kindly visit : www.hasanalbordaini.com