Kingdom slightly up on property rights index

AMMAN — Jordan ranked 45th out of 128 countries and 8th regionally in the International Property Rights Index 2016, registering a slight advancement compared to last year.

With an overall score of 5.9 out of 10 points, Jordan recorded an increase of 0.1 compared to last year’s index, according to the report.

Under the legal and political environment sub-index, the Kingdom scored 5.3, registering a 0.2 increase compared to last year, scoring 6 in the judicial independence indicator, 3.9 in political stability, 6 in the rule of law and 5.3 in corruption control.

Regarding the physical property rights sub-index, Jordan’s performance dropped by 0.1 points, registering 6.7 out of 10, scoring 6.4 in property rights, 4.3 in ease of access to loans and 9.3 in registering property.

Meanwhile, in the sub-index addressing intellectual property rights, Jordan’s performance remained similar to that of last year’s 5.6, and scored 6 in intellectual property protection, 4.3 in copyright piracy level and 6.6 in patent protection, according to the report.

Regionally, Qatar ranked first (7.4), followed by the United Arab Emirates (7.3) and Israel (6.4). Saudi Arabia and Cyprus scored (6.1), while Oman and Bahrain (both scoring 6) came next on the regional level, which included 18 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The overall average score of all participating countries was 5.45, the report stated.

Finland (8.4), New Zealand and Luxembourg (8.3 each) topped the list, while Myanmar (2.8) and Venezuela (2.7) were at the bottom of the list.

The International Property Rights Index is a publication of the Washington, DC-based Property Rights Alliance, and it is dedicated to promoting property rights worldwide.

The 2016 report includes data compiled from 102 think tanks and policy organisations in 70 countries involved in research, policy development, education and promotion of property rights in their countries.